common cooking spices

now don't get me wrong my friends. i likeadding flavor to almost anything i cook. whether it's deep-fat frying, or putting a big hunkof butter on top of food, i'm all for it. but sometimes, i want to up the flavor, withmaybe not adding so much fat. that's when i turn to, spice rubs.these potent powders add loads of flavor to almost anything you put out. and guess what?they're super easy to make, and crazy cheap,

common cooking spices, so do me a favor. don't go to the supermarketand buy these store bought brands, that cost 10 dollars, and god knows how long they'vebeen sitting on those store shelves for. when you can make it super, duper,, i'm going to make two of my favorite spice rubs. first off, we're making my smoked,ancho spice rub. followed, by my chinese five-spice,

spice rub. let's make a smoked ancho rub first.two tablespoons of ancho chili powder. ancho has a fruity, earthy flavor, and it's nottoo spicy. i call it "a great starter chili". one tablespoon sweet paprika. one tablespoonof smoked paprika. one tablespoon ground cumin. cumin's actually the second most popular spicein the world. right behind black pepper. it's a common ingredient in teaspoon ground coriander. coriander is the seed that cilantro grows from. the britishactually call cilantro, coriander. one teaspoon, ground cinnamon. a quarter cup of soft brownsugar, and two tablespoons of kosher salt. stir to combine. now what can you use thisspice rub on? chicken, pork, ribs. or, you can try it on my seared porterhouse, withancho spice rub recipe.

now, onto my chinese five-spice, spice rub.three tablespoons of chinese five-spice powder. five-spice powder has schezuan peppercorns,star anise, fennel seeds, cloves, and cinnamon. one tablespoon of sweet paprika. one tablespoonof brown sugar. one teaspoon mustard powder. mustard powder is made from ground up mustardseeds. the same stuff you would put on your hot dogs at the ball teaspoon garlic powder. one tablespoon kosher salt, and a quarter teaspoon of cayennepepper. mix it up to combine. this rub goes great on chinese style ribs, pork. but ifyou head over to, you can try my my banh mi skirt steak sandwich. with thisrub on there, it's out of sight. and that's it. you can smell the freshness.these rubs will last in your pantry for about

six months. that's because ground spices,start losing their flavor after six months. whole spices, after a year. what i recommenddoing, is going through your pantry, finding all those old herbs and spices, and throwingthem away. if you want to be dork like me, you can organize your spices, on your doorlike that. heck, you can make your own spice rub at home.who knows? you might be selling it on the supermarket for 10 dollars a pop one day also.but one tip, you might want to work on slightly

common cooking spices

better packaging than i have. for both ofthese recipes, head over to don't forget to follow me on twitter @flavcity.if you like this video, or any of my other ones, don't forget to subscribe to my youtubechannel. i'll see you next time, only on flavor



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