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which herbs to plant together

okay now, you can see that quickly welaid out our garden. i've got my cooking herbs over here with my sage, my cilantro, my sweet basil. and i've got my enhancers in thisupper corner here with my stevia for sweetness and lemon balm for flavor. now if younotice around the outer perimeter, i have
which herbs to plant together, offsetting herbs. i've got thyme, oregano, and sweet mint. now what thisallows is on the edges of the raised bed they are gonna drape over. sothe next thing for us to do is to get all this planted in the ground. so
shouldn't take us but a minute. itold you it would only take a minute. wasn't that easy? now watch this. you gotta love the beauty oftelevision sometimes. but in all seriousness, we planted 50 herbs insidethis one raised bed and this is a lot for the average home. always mix it up. use your culinary,use your aromatic herbs. now with our herbs we've goteverything placed in here.

if you have any questions about howwe planted this o…

which herbs grow best together

hi i'm tricia, an organic gardener i groworganically for a healthy and safe food supply. fora clean and sustainable environment. for an enjoyable and rewardingexperience. basil is a wonderful herb that is adelicious part of both asian and western cuisine. i'll show youhow to grow great basil.
which herbs grow best together, basil is a relative of mint althoughmint is a perennial basil is a warm weather annual and easyto grow from seed. there are many types of basil such asthai basil noted for its unique flavor, purple opal basil that boasts glossy magentafoliage
and lavender flowers, and spicy globe basil that grows in a compact mound and that's just to name a few. basilgrows best in six to eight hours of sun and it tolerates a wide range of ph fromfive to seven but its absolute favorite is six point four. if you want to start your basil indoorsdo it about six to eight weeks before the last frost. for more information about seedling carecheck out our video on caring for yo…

when to plant herbs

hi this is yolanda vanveen and in this segmentwe are going to learn all about planting herbs indoors. now i've enjoyed my container herbgarden all summer long on my patio and they have grown really well and we have been ableto trim plants off or stems or leaves off as needed and now it is starting to freezeoutside, it is the end of november and i have got to get it inside. you can see it has beenoutside and it has a little bit of frost damage.
when to plant herbs, there is leaves in with it so i can just cleanit up a bit and actually transplant it right into the container and the key with herb gardensinside is to make sure they get enough sun because they will get really lanky if theyare reaching for the sun and they love this location because i have got the artificiallight on every night so this is one of the
only lights that is on at night in my houseso i have found that that is a great place to put your herb garden. make sure too thatit is a moister part of your house because t…

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hi, i am stan defreitas, mr. green of the favorite plants that we have as an herb is that of dill. and we all love dillpickles but you might not know that you can easily grow dill in your own back yard's a plant that actually gets to be fairly large. now you'll normally buy it as a fairlysmall plant to start off as as a little seedling or you can actually start it from seed. itwill usually start in probably about in two
what herbs can i plant together, to three weeks. you can put it in a peat,pearl like combination. remember that dill likes a good amount of light. so don't putit in the shadiest spot of your yard or garden. also, make sure it has a good source of the dill can be used in a number of different ways. we think of dill pickles but also youcould cut fresh dill and use it with potatoes
and many other dishes as well. sometimes fish,sometimes pork also. when you think about dill, make sure that you have it in an areawhere you can keep i…

uses for herbs

grow a garden that looks great outdoors andin… growing gorgeous flowers is only half thefun – make sure to make arrangements too this idea couldn’t be easier or more fragrant!gather a fistful of fresh herbs…this is oregano, thyme, basil and rosemary, and afew hosta leaves….then work in some dahlias

around the perimeter…just adding them aroundthe edges keeping the materials bunched securely
uses for herbs, in your hand. when you’ve reached the fullnessyou like, measure the bouquet against the container you’re going to use, snip themto height, and then truly just drop them in. pretty. simple.for more inspiration, go to

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hi friends welcome to easy andhome-style cooking i am mrs ragini today i'm going to share a saladrecipe very simple salad i just want to encourage you to make different kinds ofsalads and feed your family so today we're going to make an egg salad withdill leaves, dill leaves are very very rich in iron and lot of flavor in dill leaves alot of people don't like to eat the
unique spices list, leaves but it gives an excellent flavor so today with dill leave and boiled egg we are going to make an excellent saladso first we're going to make the dressing for this salad so here i havebowl and here i have some boiled eggs and first we're going to add oil intothis you can use any kind of oil and
into this we're going to add some pepperpowder and also salt don't add too much salt because egg has salt in it so don'tadd too much salt very little salt and now squeeze in some lime juice you canuse half of lime mix this and do this we're going to add some mayonnais…