which herbs to plant together

okay now, you can see that quickly welaid out our garden. i've got my cooking herbs over here with my sage, my cilantro, my sweet basil. and i've got my enhancers in thisupper corner here with my stevia for sweetness and lemon balm for flavor. now if younotice around the outer perimeter, i have

which herbs to plant together, offsetting herbs. i've got thyme, oregano, and sweet mint. now what thisallows is on the edges of the raised bed they are gonna drape over. sothe next thing for us to do is to get all this planted in the ground. so

shouldn't take us but a minute. itold you it would only take a minute. wasn't that easy? now watch this. you gotta love the beauty oftelevision sometimes. but in all seriousness, we planted 50 herbs insidethis one raised bed and this is a lot for the average home. always mix it up. use your culinary,use your aromatic herbs. now with our herbs we've goteverything placed in here.

which herbs to plant together

if you have any questions about howwe planted this or what i planted in this garden,

send me an email. it's sydney.phelps@bonnieplants.com. or just check out our web site at bonnieplants.com. we'll see you next week.


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