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hi, this is yolanda from,and in this segment we're going to learn all about how to grow horseradish. now every herbgarden should have the plants that you love to have in your kitchen. so one of my favoritekitchen items is horseradish. now when i was growing up as a child i never liked horseradish,but in recent years, there's nothing like a nice piece of prime rib with some horseradish,and it's related to mustard or wasabi and

images of herbs, they're very easy to grow in the garden. sohorseradish is a very hardy perennial, it'll come back every year, and it just has a rootor a stick kind of tuber, and so you just plant any part of that usually, and it willgrow, and you can plant them spring, summer, or even fall, and they just take a littlebit of time to get established, they have

to have a good set of roots before they growwell. and the horseradish comes from the roots themselves, so as they multiply, too, justplant them about three inches deep in full hot sun, and as the roots multiply, you candig them up every fall and you can dig some

images of herbs

of those roots out and just shred them intolittle tiny pieces, and you'll find that you can make your own horseradish, and it's avery easy plant to grow in your garden, it'll come back year after, year after, year, andit's a delight to have with a piece of steak and it's a delight to have in your herb garden.


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