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hi friends welcome to easy andhome-style cooking i am mrs ragini today i'm going to share a saladrecipe very simple salad i just want to encourage you to make different kinds ofsalads and feed your family so today we're going to make an egg salad withdill leaves, dill leaves are very very rich in iron and lot of flavor in dill leaves alot of people don't like to eat the

unique spices list, leaves but it gives an excellent flavor so today with dill leave and boiled egg we are going to make an excellent saladso first we're going to make the dressing for this salad so here i havebowl and here i have some boiled eggs and first we're going to add oil intothis you can use any kind of oil and

into this we're going to add some pepperpowder and also salt don't add too much salt because egg has salt in it so don'tadd too much salt very little salt and now squeeze in some lime juice you canuse half of lime mix this and do this we're going to add some mayonnaise andmix the mayonnaise let this mix perfectly and then we're going to addthe dill leaves ones this is perfectly emulsified we'regoing to add dill leaves into this fresh fresh dill leaves you can add halfof dill leaves if you like the flavor you can add more of dill leaf also and now we're goingto take the eggs and we 're going to cut them to four pieces and we're going to drop thisinto the mixture if you want you can

remove the yellow you can you know make this oncethis is done what you can do is just take a plate and you can add couple of ingredients or couple of vegetables also you can add and you can make this simple saladbut today i'm just using some boiled egg and a lot of dill leaves to make this sothis is ready to serve now before serving what we're going to do is ialready checked the taste salt sourness everything is perfect in the last justgive a nice touch of dill leaves on top and now this is ready serve you canserve just like this or you can give some bread and you can have this excellentexcellent simple egg and dill leaves salad, ones you topit off with some fresh fresh dill leaves

now this is ready to have i love thissalad the freshness from the leaves sourness from the lime juice slightly i am getting the sour touch always for salads if you get slight touch of sourness it will enhance your flavor and telling you this isamazing i love this any type of party you can just serve this simple dill leaves boiled egg salad with some bread or just like this also can serve i'm tellingyou everybody will love this more of you

unique spices list

know that dill leaf flavor and the lemonflavor i don't feel that i added the mayonnaise in this but this is excellent ihope you enjoyed this simple session of making the salad if you like it make it share it and also feed your family fresh food


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