herbs and their medicinal properties

hello! ni hao! i'm toffler, the creator of belight tea. today i want to talk with you a little bit more about one of the herbs in belight tea, lotus leaf. lotus leaf has been used in egypt, the middle east, india and china for more than five thousand years as afood and medicinal plant. its common uses

herbs and their medicinal properties, including reducing stress and anxiety,promoting healthy liver function, and stopping diarrhea. it's also known for its anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties; as well as to help weight loss by increasing metabolism.traditional chinese medicine uses

lotus lear to increase production enzyme, bile, andhydrochloric acid, which stimulate digestion and ease flatulence.and it's also used to clear water retention. more recent research has looked at howlotus leaf increases stored fat utilization forenergy, found it inhibits the intestinal absorption of carbs andlipids, restricts the conversion dietary fat tostored fat, and suppresses weight gain. now you might find a lotus leaf like this in a chinese grocery store--not

necessarily meant for consumption--so we've done is found

herbs and their medicinal properties

food grain or medicinal grade lotus leaf, blended it with 4 other herbs plus pu-erh tea and made available for you in belight tea. again, this is about lotus leaf, i'm toffler and i welcome you to check outthe http://belighttea.com


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