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hi friends, today we are sharing our recipefor homemade tandoori masala which is one that we often use in a number of our recipes. for an easier and quicker method, we are usingpowdered versions of all the spices, except for fenugreek seeds which kevin is grindingin a mortar and pestle. by far, using whole spices will yield a moreintense mix. however, the powdered spices

seasoning list, present a more convenient option for many,especially if you do not own a spice mill or coffee grinder. the procedure is really easy. simply mix allthe spices in the ingredients list together. we are initially adding 3 teaspoons of paprika,but you can adjust the amount of paprika to

achieve the desired for turmeric, you can reduce the amount if you want to keep the colour more red ratherthan orangey. while you can surely find pre-made tandoorimasala at most indian groceries, a homemade version is not only much more adaptable andfresh, but you can also tweak it to your liking. besides a lot of store-bought spice mixescome with preservatives, salt and artificial food colouring. different brands of tandoori masala will varyin intensity and flavour ranging from hot to mild. our version here is something inbetween. now just mix all the spices together and addmore paprika, as mentioned before, to intensify

the red colour. as we are not using any artificialcolouring, the resulting colour won’t be as bright as the commercial ones. finally, to awaken the fragrance and flavourof this tandoori masala, dry roast it for around 30-45 seconds on low medium heat, thisstep is optional but it does intensify the aroma and taste. just make sure not to burnthe spice and remove it from the heat as soon as the fragrance is released or small fumesstart to rise. let the masala cool completely before transferringinto a sealed jar and store for up to 6 months. this tandoori masala can be used as a rubon vegetables and tofu or to spice up burger patties, stews and gravies. stay tuned forour upcoming tandoori spiced potato wedges

recipe where we will show you how to makecrispy oven baked potato wedges

seasoning list

with moist centres. guys, we love reading your comments and feedbackor if you’ve tried our recipes. it really gives us the motivation to keep making moreawesome videos for you. if you’ve enjoyed this, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up.see you very soon for another recipe.


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