red colored spices

welcome back to another cooking video. i'mchef devaux and today i'm going to teach you how to make a very simple spicy mayo. it'sa very simple quick video so let's get straight into it -- let's go.okay, so to make a spicy mayo you take some kewpie mayonnaise, about two tablespoons,into a bowl. you can buy store bought like this or you can make it yourself. to makeit yourself i have made a video recipe, you

red colored spices, can check it out right now by clicking onthe top left of your screen. then you take some sriracha hot sauce andyou put about two teaspoons, and you want to get the one with the rooster on the front,like this one. none of the other brands that still say sriracha and have a green lid, theydon't have the rooster and they taste awful.

i have bought these two and i just leave themin the cupboard because i just don't even want to touch them, i should actually throwthem away but i haven't. take a lime and cut it in half and then youjust squeeze a little bit of the fresh lime juice over your spicy mayo mix, not too muchbecause otherwise it will become too watery. and now what you want to do is you want toadd some masago fish roe, just two teaspoons will do. this is awesome stuff, its seasonedcapelin roe and it just tastes great, it gives something extra to your spicy mayo.alright, so now you take a spoon and you mix the sauce. now what i suggest you do is yougo taste it as you make it and just see how the flavors combine and change the amountsto fit what your taste buds like, so if you

wanted more spicy just add some more srirachasauce, and so on and so on, okay. so there you go, now you know how to makea delicious spicy mayo. if you enjoyed this video you might also enjoy my carrot gingersauce. a link has just appeared on the bottom left corner of your screen, you can checkthat out right now, and you can also see all my other videos by clicking on the right.if you haven't done so already you should

red colored spices

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