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how to grow poppies (part 1 of 5) somniferum seeds range in many different colors here we have our pure whites, which are very light almost white seed, an off-white seed and that's usually for all flowers that are just pure white

plant spices, the flower is pure white... and then the next color that we range into is uh, its a darker color than the pure whites umm, and these flowers tend to have white in them but usually are mixed with a stripe of either red or pink in the flower as well

but they do have white in the flower also and then moving on to our most common uh seed, is our "blue" color seeds which is pretty much representative of almost all the somniferum poppies out there from your lavenders, to your blues and purples... and then we have a very dark reddish.. well the flowers on these are mostly pure red or maybe i really dark purple like our black clouds or the "wizard of oz" reds, umm and this color seed is more of a dark, dark brown. let's move on to planting now.

in some situations i like to use peat pellets... and those are those little teeny pellets that expand when you put water in them, and i like to open up the tops a little wider so i have a larger growing area and i'll take my seed, and kinda sprinkle a few in there and i'll pack 'em in. pack 'em in so that retains the moisture once the moisture comes, now you don't want to water them from the top you're gonna wanna put water into the tray from the bottom that way the seed will seek moisture below, and the root will start to

grow down below and these will sprout anywhere from a week to two weeks depending on temperature, light, & all the conditions. -and now what you would do is take these and put them in your final place for planting. [time-lapse from seed to sprout] **2 weeks** now, once your seeds sprout.. you want to take a peet pellet... stick it into uh i've got soil all under here, this is all the earth and i put weed-block down around it

and i'd cut holes and i've got soaker hoses in there that will uhh also water them, and once they start sprouting, you could leave a few on each pellet as they get bigger you wanna, you wanna thin thin out the smaller weaker ones. -and when i say thin, i just mean...kill. just pull them out. -and you usually just want to leave one or two to each that later, when it gets becomes... it will eventually grow into, a little bit

plant spices

bigger of a plant this one's a different one, it's got

copper tape around it for the slugs. you want to be careful of slugs and birds. birds will eat the seeds before they sprout, slugs will eat the sprouts, once they sprout.


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