perennial herbs

if you're interested in gardening butnot sure where to begin, try planting herbs. they're extremelyeasy to grow and perfect for a beginner. most herbsreally only need soil with good drainage, consistent moisture, and sunlight. start with basic terra cotta containers, a good quality soil, and herb plants youhave chosen.

perennial herbs, three versatile herbs to try arerosemary, onion chives, and basil. bonnie uses biodegradable peat pots made from natural and recycled you can plant the pots with the plant. this reduces transplantshock and there are no nursery

containers to throw away. so after planting each herb in their owncontainer, be sure to give them plenty of water and sunshine. there are many uses foreach of these herbs. rosemary prefers a warm, sunny, and dryenvironment. you can cut rosemary stems at anytimeand the fragrant blooms are also edible.rosemary is a wonderful herb on roasted chicken. onion chives are a grassy lookingperennial with onion flavored leaves and purple blooms.the mild onion flavor is a tasty addition to any savory dish.chives are not finicky

and tolerate neglect, but will do best ifyou don't completely ignore them. basil can't stand cold weather. so if youhave a basil plant

perennial herbs

indoors, don't sit it outside until twoweeks after the last frost date in your sure to water them deeply during dry spells, especially if planted in containers.these three herbs are perfect for beginning gardeners.


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