names of herbs and spices

[♪ music ♪] hey, chef kev herewith quick tips for healthy cooking. today i want to talkabout herbs and spices, and how you can maximizetheir flavor quickly and easily. first off, i always keep my herbs

names of herbs and spices, in the fridgein a flower vase with water. that makes them last longer. herbs and spicesneed be torn or cut because that is what activatesthe oils.

take for instance mint,which we have right here. mint can be prepped by tearingthe leaves right off the stem. when you touch ityou can feel the oily texture. this is where all the antioxidantsand anti-inflammatory properties are, plus the fresh flavor. tearing the herb is always best, but recipes often call for herbsto be cut in different ways. for a coarse cut or chop, get a clean cutting board

and put a towel under itto avoid slipping. lay out your herbs. when you're chopping them,make sure you use a good, sharp knife. and here's a great trick:throw some sea salt on the board. it will keep the herbsfrom flying all over the place. oh, and here's the correct wayto hold a knife. you really never use the handle. you should choke up on the end of it almost like you would a baseball bat.

and then roll the knifeso the herbs don't stick to it. now, there's another wayof cutting herbs. chiffonade.this is the fun one. pick the leaves,and stack and roll like you would a cigar.

names of herbs and spices

curl it up tight,and slice thinly, and voilã , you havethese super sexy thin strips. by following these simple tips, you'lldefinitely get more out of your herbs. i'm chef kev, making healthy cookingsimple and sweet.


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