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many gardeners hang up their shovels oncethe spring and summer gardening seasons wind down, but fall can be our busiest garden season.temperatures are more forgiving, we get more rainfall, and there are fewer insects to dealwith, so it's an ideal time to garden. there are many things that we can grow only in thewinter season like greens, cilantro and lettuce, kohlrabi, turnips, onions, and garlic, anddon't forget kale. next spring you'll be wishing

mexican herbs list, that you had added some daffodils, tulips,dutch iris, or fragrant hyacinths to your garden. the time to buy them and plant thebulbs is in the fall. they'll be building strong roots all winter to support those showyblooms in the spring. bulbs like tulips and hyacinths need weeks of refrigeration to bloomwell, so you need to buy them early enough

to give them this cold storage they need.wildflowers are planted in the fall too. add more blooms to keep bees, butterflies, andother insects happy, and for your own enjoyment too. many of the spring blooming perennialsare divided in the fall, so daylilies and iris that are too crowded will fail to bloom,as will crowded spring blooming bulbs like daffodils and dutch iris, so lift them out,prepare the soil with compost and amendments, and give them some room to bloom again. fallis also an excellent time to plant trees, shrubs, and hearty perennials. milder falltemperatures and more rainfall let new plants get a good root system established so thatthey're ready to handle the soaring heat of summer after about a six month head can choose your red oaks and maple trees

and other showy fall color plants in fallwhen you get to see their color as they're changing in their nursery container. somered oaks are brilliant reds and oranges while others are just a ruddy brown, so you getto find out what it's going to have. getting spring flowering shrubs and vines plantedin the fall allows them to get the roots established before they're stressed by their bloom cyclein the spring. wisteria, trumpet creeper, mountain laurels, and spirea are all goodcandidates for fall planting. that head start will give them time to shine in spring. tenderperennials that can be somewhat iffy here in winter are best left for spring planting.when these plants are dormant in winter, it's very easy for their roots to rot in the soilwith the prolong cold and wet spell. so wait

until spring to add lantana, firebush, plumbago,bird of paradise, and tender salvias. once their well-established after spring planting,they can handle the stress of winter. you want to make sure all your plantings are well-mulchedwith compost and with wood mulch to keep them warmer and more moist in winter. mulchingwhile the soil is warm gives plants more protection. consider planting cover crops like elbon rye,vetch, or other winter peas to improve your garden beds if you're not going to grow asmany vegetables during the fall and are scaling back your planting areas. perennial rye seedscan be over-seeded over lawns that are sparse to keep winter weeds from taking over. mowingthe grass all winter will add organic material to improve water retention and soil healthall winter, and you can collect the grass

clippings on some of your mowings to makea nitrogen-rich compost with your fall leaves.

mexican herbs list

annual rye is much cheaper, but it grows muchfaster and requires more mowing than perennial rye, and i like having a little down-timefrom weekly mowing chores. fall is no time to put away your garden tools. i find it'sthe busiest time of year for me. for backyard basics, i'm trisha shirey. thanks for watching.


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