medicinal uses for herbs

this is mexican tarragon. in my part of thecountry, it is a perennial. in colder climates, it would be considered an annual because itwould freeze in the winter. this plant will get about this tall by the end of fall- aboutthree feet tall- and it will have solid, golden-yellow flowers on it. it’s just a stunning gardenpiece by the end of the summer, into the fall.

medicinal uses for herbs

medicinally, it is a diuretic and it increasesperspiration so it’s a cleanser. so it’s

medicinal uses for herbs, very delightful to use as a tea- as an herbaltea. so you can cut the leaves off and dry them, or use it fresh and make it just asyou would mint tea, or any other tea, by pouring the boiling water into the leaves and lettingit steep.


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