medicinal roots list

i am chris and today we are going to talkabout the touch me not plant otherwise known as jewelweed let’s do this real quick the flower is relatively easy to identify by itsbright orange and yellow color this one is the spotted jewelweed

medicinal roots list, what you also want to look for are the seed pods that accompany the flowerwhen you touch these seed pods they explode hence the name touch me notsyou can also eat the seeds you want to grab your hand around the seedpod and then gently cup your hand to collect the seeds

and pull the seed pod towards you and the seed pod should open up having twoto three seeds in it let’s see if we can get this seed pod topop for us you can also take the stem and the leavesof the plant and then crush them up you should be able to rub it on your skin and get all the juices out to help with poison ivy and stinging nettles wrapped around this touch me not plantit looks like we might have wild grapes

they do not look like they are ripe yet sowe will have to keep an eye on out

medicinal roots list

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