list of mexican herbs

hey folks it is barry here welcome to myvirginkitchen,and the final video i am getting quite emotional in our pulled pork month playlist but i thinkwe have saved the best til last, thankyou to everyone who has been sending me picturestoday we are making a fantastic pulled pork ragu the flavours are sensational. rememberthis recipe was used with the pulled pork shoulder we used in the very first video soif you have not seen that video yet you can

list of mexican herbs, click up there to watch that and from thatwe have managed to make some sensational pulled pork quesadilla, bbq pulled pork sliders withasian slaw which are phenomenally good, so addictive and this ragu that will blow yourmind. all easy unintimidating recipes to help you achieve lazy which i think we have achievedlazy through this playlist.

so lets get on and make it if you have notmade the pulled pork already click on the link and check out that recipe, if you alreadyhave it like i have hit pause now *clicks fingers* write all of the ingredients is the sort of recipe that makes bostons face happy! yep, the pulled pork we are using has justbeen stored in the fridge until ready to use it so i have taken it out of the fridge removingthe cling film. remember this had a bit of a paprika edge to it so we are going to giveit a real herby edge by the end of this video. iyou are making the pork from scratch youcould add things like onion powder & oregano we use later in this recipe and make thatinto your rub.

get a large pan over a medium flame and addin a little olive oil and cook your garlic for around 1 min to initially release theflavours, add in the pulled pork, dont be tempted to nibble on it like i was, cold pulledpork is extremely addictive! follow up by pouring in the tin of chopped tomatoes, onionpowder, dried oregano, pepper, balsamic vinegar & plonk in a bay leaf. stir this all aroundover that flame i added a little water from my tin of chopped tomatoes for moisture andbring it up to a low simmer before letting it gently bubble for around 15 minutes toreduce down. feel free to tweak the flavours by adding more herbs etc if you like.meanwhile plonk your pasta on and cook it to package instructions and simply relax whilethis is all happening, i did.

once ready to serve remember to take out thebay leaf, mix the pasta gently through the ragu mixture with a spatula so you do notbreak it, carefully place onto your serving dish and top with freshly grated parmesanand some torn basil, absolutely gorgeous pulled pork ragu with the minimum of effort! so thats my final idea for our pulled porkleftovers, remember this was made using pork shoulder in our first video which is fantasticfor pulled pork, so if you havent made it already make sure you look for the perfectfor pulled pork sticker when buying. i hope youve enjoyed the playlist as much as i haveguys remember you can click up there to watch

list of mexican herbs

the rest of the videos and get lost in theworld of pulled pork, let me know if there

are any other themed months you want to seeand also for more pork inspiration check out if you try any of the recipessend me a picture @myvirginkitchen but i think we can safely say this playlist has been astonker, lazy achieved, good times.


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