list of medicinal herbs

a lot of people want to try to find a chineseherbalist, but aren't sure where to look, and not everybody has to have a chinatownto find the best one around. so, it's easy. most acupuncturists are actually trained inchinese herbalism. some practice it; some don't. in my case, i'm kind of geeky aboutherbs, and so i became one of the main focuses of my practice. so try to find somebody whospecializes in chinese herbs, and you may

list of medicinal herbs, be looking for an acupuncturist who does both.but there's other places you can find it. you can look on, search by yourzip code, and just read the different people and see if they are herbalists. they'll havedifferent initials after their name. but you can call and ask them about things like that.and another great resource for various types

of herbalists is the american herbalist guild.and you can find them at, and look for the professional herbalists there.and they'll list, not only chinese herbalists, but other types of herbalists as well. andwe'll discuss a little bit about the different

list of medicinal herbs

types of herbalists that you may choose togo to outside of chinese medicine, because there is a wide variety of people to choosefrom. so, just like with acupuncture, find the practitioner that best suits your needs,so you'll get the best treatment that you can possibly have.


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