list of herbs with pictures

[music] the garden planner makes it simple to keeptrack of your plants throughout the year, like a garden notebook. for example, youcan double-click this spinach, then click on the notes section and typein how the plants did.

list of herbs with pictures, these notes are the same for each varietyor plant type on the plan, so if you have more than one row of thisspinach, the notes will be available by double-clicking any of them. they also appear in the plant list.

just click on the plant list button, andyou'll get taken to a complete list of your plants. varieties are listed under the plantname, and you can see how many of each plant you have in your plan, the spacing, and when to sow, plant and harvest them. scroll down and you'll see that the spinachhas the notes that were added earlier, and they can be edited here as well. there's also room at the bottom for notes for the whole garden, and all notes can be printed off fromthis screen.

list of herbs with pictures

adding notes is a great way to learn from your mistakes and successes from one year to the next.

because you can have more than one planopen at the same time, it is easy to flip back to plans fromprevious years and remind yourself of what worked well, and what you want to change.


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