list of healing herbs

welcome to health care at home in previous episode we were talking about home remedies to increase breast size and i have told you that there is a single herb, with which usage till up to 80% you can increase your breast size as per studies done intthailand's uuniversity chulalongkorn pueraria mirifica is also known as kwao krua

list of healing herbs, with its usage you can increase the size of your breast up to 80% let me share how pueraria mirifica works in a woman's body this herb contains many types of phytoestrogens like ddeoxymiroestrol, miroestrol & genistein.

all of these phytoestrogens, works and helps to balance the hormonal balance in a female's body. so that a healthy breast could develop. now the question is, from where we will get pueraria mirifica ? you can visit any chemist shop, its available in capsule and gel form. even as cream and now a days soaps are also available contains pueraria mirifica. how to use this ? take capsule worth 250 mg & consume 1 capsule orally in a day. or if you get gel or cream. if you get gel that's good as you have to massage it with it. massage it for 5 minutes till the time its completely absorb in the breast. and within 1-2 months you will observe change in your breast size.

along with this herb, its necessary to take care of other things too. don't skip your meals. now a days observed people eat in morning & then doest eat for 4-5 hours. don't do this rather eat in every 2-3 hours. eat banana, make papaya milk shake as its very helpful in increasing breast size. you can make tea of dandelion root, take a root boil in water and starin. consume 1-1 cup in a day this will also help you a lot to increase breast size. let me tell you an easy remedy to do take red lentil and soak in warm water for 2 hours. after that grind it & make its paste. apply this paste on your breast till the time its dried

and then wash it off with warm water, you will see within few days your breast size will increase. along with this you have to drink 3 litre os water don't eat fast food and don't drink cold drinks. so these were few remedies, as every remedy has some pros and cons that means with the usage of some things you can make these remedies very effective. and with few trick, these remedies become very effective. so what are those ways with which you can make these remedies very effective and what you don't have to do, as if you will do them then they will affect the effect of these remedies that all i will share in next episode

rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.

list of healing herbs

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