list of common spices

crock pot chicken adobo recipe hi it's alaskagranny if you enjoy the flavors of the phillipines you're gonnalove this recipe for crockpot chicken adobo you need a few basic ingredients chicken thighs

list of common spices, i prefer skinless boneless ones 1 sliced onion 4 cloves of garlic half cup white vinegar half cup soy sauce half a cup of water 2 bay leaves

and 2 teaspoons pepper corns before youbegin always spray or use a liner in your crockpot for easy clean up these are the greatest things ever just pull them out and it's basically clean i rough chopped my garlic and onion place the chicken right into the crockpot it's still frozen it doesn't matter i'm gonna cook it all day

add onions and garlic 2 bay leaves sprinkle pepper corns and i have my liquids pour the liquids over the top try to make sure the chicken is submerged then you put on the lid you let it go on high two to three hours low for six hours when you get home from your busy day

just cook up a pot of rice you're going to be so glad you plugged in your crockpot with chicken adobo it's ready to serve be sure to remove the bayleaves no one should eat these make a nice bed of rice on your plate have a moist piece of chicken smother itwith some of the delicious sauce and onion look how tender it is and delicious it smells so good the chicken is delightfully tender

list of common spices


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