herbs to grow in texas

mint has a well-deserved reputation forbeing a pretty aggressive plant in the garden so i tend to grow in containers. a 12 inchto an 18 inch or even a 24 inch pot for one plant

herbs to grow in texas, is actually fine, you could put a fewannuals into decorate the pot if you'd like, but itwill eventually overtake the entire pot. now it's a hardy perennial here incentral texas we can cut mint all year long. it growsreally well in partial shade or filtered

light, you can grow in full sun if you give ita little extra water. it even grows in ponds, so it is well adapted for most areas. now mintlikes to be fed regularly give it some seaweed some fish martianin part it up in a well-drained potting soil i really like to choosenamed varieties and men like chocolate manner double manner kentucky colonelspearmint in egyptian is another favorite of minethe named varieties to have a better littlebit better flavor

smell it before you buy it to make sureit's what you want trim it frequently to keep it in theoptimal health you can cut just the tips out or you cancut long stems right now your kitchen so you get it soyou use it really often one official notice with meant is it hasstems that are square and the leaves are opposite and that'strue of all the men's bees like the blooms but i do like tocut it back before those planes have a chance to go to seed to keep it reallyhealthy you can a given load compost andfertilize it after you cut it back to

the ground and that'll keep it in good shape butevery once in a while you're going have to just empty that part out becauseit'll be a massive roots in you'll need to start over again with another manplant you can cut men in bunches and hang it to dry just did time together with the rubber bandor you can drive mint sprigs in a dehydrator tip for use in tease all winter long if you don't havea food dehydrator you can still dry meant quite easily

just cut the tops of %uh the meant and are stripped the leaves from the stemsand put them on a cookie sheet or a tray and put them in a cool place that's dark and well ventilated stir them up everycouple days and when they're really nice and crispythen you can put them in a jar but you wanna make sure they're very very drybecause they're mildew if they have anymore stir at all andthen you'll have plenty of meant for future use you can use men and smoothies andvegetables and fruit salads and tease

and i like to just cut meant like thisand put it in bases and use it indoors when i'm havingpeople over for drinks and they can garnish the drinks with the men to theirchoice ladybugs love meant in they'll lay theireggs on it some other pests that our problem withmint would be snails worms sometimes young caterpillars willattack your meant but other than that it's really prettycare free and easy to grow i'm meant is easy to root and you can just cut the a pistearmovement

and cut some other lower leaves of youneed to reduce the number of leaves that the plan as a to in order to get it to produceroots and then you can reap this cutting inwater or you can just bought it up in a

herbs to grow in texas

pod and you'll have meant growing before toolong and you can share with your friends for backyard basics i'm tricia sorrythanks for watching means


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