herbs to grow in garden

hi im tricia an organic gardener and i groworganically for a healthy and safe food supply fora clean and sustainable environment for an enjoyable and rewardingexperience are you longing for a taste of summer inthe winter grow herbs indoors its easy i'll show you how the hardestpart about growing herbs indoors is

herbs to grow in garden, getting sufficient light if herbs don't get six to eight hours ofdirect light they can get leggy and they don't tasteas good often you'll get enough light from a south or south west facing windowif you keep your plants in the window

sill be sure and turn them every couple days towards the sun if it's not enough light its easy tosupplement with a little bit of fluorescent a grow light like this jump-start systemis a great way to supplement with it takes two hours of fluorescentlighting to make up for one hour of sunlight the light should be five to twelveinches above the plant the best kind of pots are six inches and either wood bambooor clay

because they're breathable i likethese pots made of bamboo and plant fibers there sustainable and they're attractiveuse a good quality light potting mix like our peaceful valley potting soil it doesn't hurt to add in some pumice orperlite to a standard potting mix for some extra drainage some favorites for growing indoors arebasil chervil chives oregano parsley sage mint bay rosemary thyme lemon balm and tarragon you can grow herbs from seed

or cuttings herbs like sage lavender oregano rosemary and tarragon grow very well from cuttings others likebasil parsley chives they do great from seed take cuttings from august to october androot them for a supply of herbs through the winter check out ourblog on how to root cuttings if you're growing from seed moisten yourpotting soil fill your pot plant a couple seeds ineach pot and cover with more moistened potting soil

keep the soil moist but not wet herbsdon't need a lot of fertilizer but every couple of weeks they can benefit from a lowdosage of a water-soluble fertilizer like this liquid fish during the winterheating months indoors might be a little dry for yourherbs to make up for the dryness you can mist them every once in a whileor place a saucer with gravel in water underneath the pot water herbs regularly but be careful not to overwater waterwhen the soil starts to dry out herbs like bay marjoram oregano sage and tyme like to dry out betweenwaterings

rosemary is one that should never beallowed to dry out completely if you're really into growing herbs andveggies indoors you might wanna try a vertical growing system like this foodie the foodie allows you to grow severallevels of plants in two square feet of floor space one ofthe cool things about the foodie is that you can rotate it to make surethe plants get good light exposure when growing in a window it can bewatered by hand or easily adapted to water

herbs to grow in garden

automatically with a pump and timer whetheryour growing three pots in a window

or your growing with a foodie grow someherbs and grow organic for life


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