herbs in cooking

do you want to go out to the herbs? [voice of mary ellen autry] this is my herb garden!if you would like to plant -- do you know what this is? this is chives -- right! there are a lot of different varieties. this one is garlic. this chive is going to taste like garlic.

herbs in cooking, my other chives that i have on the other side will taste like onion. so these chives...can i try?you may! who would like to plant the chives?me!both of us! let me take the tag out. do you know how to do this?

you sort of...tip it over, and i will have you hold it with your hand. what i will do is put a little dirt in the bottom of my container. there ya go! when you have your herb garden, the nice thing about it is they are fresh. you can come out and pick exactly what you want. i also know these herbs have no spray on them. because they have not been sprayed, they are healthy. also, it is a lot cheaper to buy herb plants than it is to buy herbs that have already been cut in the store. do you recognize what else i have in here? um, sage?i do! i have sage.

do you recognize some of the other things?basil!yes! basil. is that dill?yes, that is dill. we will use the dill to make a cucumber salad. what we are going to do is harvest some basil. i will need th basil for some mozzerella bites. in our water, what do you want? peppermint, spearmint or sweet mint?peppermint!peppermint... ok. what else are we missing? we need... oh! oregano. let's cut it right there. this is going to be for the chicken we will make. let's cut some thyme. those will be for the potatoes.

let's also do some sage for the chicken. you can cut the onion chives or the garlic chives. what is your preference?

herbs in cooking

i think... maybe a little of each?that sounds good! so now we have our herbs from our herb garden. let's go inside and start to cook! [www.adclinic.com]


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