herbs and their medicinal uses

the health benefits and uses of papaya leaves,also known as papita or pawpaw leaves. 1. the leaves of the papaya are very largeand can be harvested directly from the plant. these are used to treat many medical conditionssuch as dengue fever and vitamin deficiencies due to their ability to prevent blood clotsand increase platelet counts. 2. they are also used to aid the body’sdigestion by breaking down wheat gluten. this

herbs and their medicinal uses, gluten is particularly high in foods suchas bread, cakes, biscuits and pastries. 3. papaya leaves also contain agents whichhave been proven to kill cancer cells. 4. in order to consume papaya leaves, you’llwant to extract the juice that is contained within them. this is where all of the healthybenefits lie. i recommend slicing the leaves

relatively small with a sharp knife, thenmuddle or pound them in a pestle and mortar, or blend. you can then simply push them througha strainer to squeeze out the juice. 5. this juice can be drank any time, but isvery bitter to drink. you can add honey to help with this, or combine with other healthyfruit juices and create unique health tonic blends.6. this papaya leaf juice can also help to treat indigestion and acid reflux, due tothe high content of papain, amylase and protease enzymes.7. it is also anti-inflammatory and can be used to help treat minor prostate enlargement,and menstrual or period pain. 8. dried or fresh papaya leaves can be usedto create a paste to treat acne, by applying

directly to the problem area9. many now use papaya leaf capsules and extracts to treat dengue fever.10. intestinal worms, fungi, parasites and harmful bacteria are treatable by consumingthis wonderful leaf juice. the tannins contained within, protect the intestinal wall from theseunwanted visitors. 11. many use these particular leaves to helpcleanse the skin, and can therefore be found in all kinds of cosmetic products, facemasksand rubs. eczema is also treatable in this way.12. much like aloe vera, the juice from the leaves can be used on open wounds and soresto prevent infection and promote faster healing. 13. it can be used to create shampoos andconditioners to clean and refresh the hair,

and reduce conditions such as an itchy scalpand dandruff.

herbs and their medicinal uses

14. the leaves may also be smoked, to helpthose suffering with asthma and to lower cholesterol. to lose weight and detoxify your body, checkout the red smoothie detox by clicking here. or for the written version of this article,see the link below the video. i wish you great health, wealth and happinessdon’t forget to subscribe


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