herb names

getting rid of fat, part 7, my free bellyfat book talks about the surprising herb, well-established in the scientific literature,that is very useful for controlling blood sugar for fat loss. hi, dr. dennis clark again,talking to you about belly fat science and the research that i’ve done on how to getrid of it based on scientific research that i have found in the medical literature. onemore herbal supplement that i want to call

herb names, to your attention that you may not be awareof is a plant called french lilac, or goat’s rue. this is the same plant, just two differentcommon names. this particular plant has a chemical lsubstance in it that is the modelthat drug developers used to develop metformin. metformin is a prescription drug that is usedto treat diabetics to keep there blood glucose

levels highly regulated so they don’t spike.you don’t have to get the prescription drug. you just have to get supplements that havegoat’s rue or french lilac as one of the

herb names

herbs and you’ll be able to maintain aneven keel on your glucose so you don’t get the spikes that cause insulin to follow andfat to be shoved into storage. this is just a brief overview of one of the most importantherbs for fat loss. there are others in my belly fat book, which you can download forfree at bellyfatscience.com.


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