growing herbs together

hi, i'm stan defreitas, mr. green thumb. oneof my favorite plants is that of rosemary. rosemary should be in probably every garden.if you want to have a beautiful plant that tends to creep all over, this is the creepingor prostrate rosemary. so it's a little bit of a, well, spreader, if you will. you canuse it sometimes in, well, i've seen it used in rock gardens. i have seen it used in areaswhere you wanted something to kind of used

growing herbs together, as a ground cover. remember that you probablywant to fertilize it either with a time released fertilizer when you first put it in the ground.or you are going to probably give it a shot with a liquid plant food about every threeto four week maybe at about half strength. you don't need to over fertilize but on theother hand, you don't want to forget it either

for the entire season. make sure it get agood supply of water. it doesn't need to be wet but it needs a good watering probablyever second or third day depending on the

growing herbs together

soil type. most of the time you will noticeit is in a good peat pearl like combination. so it's got good drainage. that's probablymore important for this plant than many other herbs. many of your herbs need to be a littlebit on the dry side. rosemary can be a great addition to many of your dishes. for on gardening,i'm stan defreitas, mr. green thumb.


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