green herbs for cooking

now we get to make the topping. so we startwith a quarter cup of heavy cream. life is heavy with heavy cream we know this but justa little bit. so i would just drizzle it. look how pretty that looks the white goingon top of those colors. drizzle it nicely all over, make sure not to miss any littlespots. this is going to make it so rich, i mean once we see the cream. so that is gorgeous.then we get to put my favorite cheese of all

green herbs for cooking, time well it is a fit between this and parmesanbut we have both ? fontina. so i have shredded up about a half a cup of fontina and of courseit is going to get nice and brown and bubbly when we put it in the oven. you know almostform like a little crust on top, it would be great. get it even on there and then anotherwonder fall herb some thyme. this is thyme

sprig and easy way just pull of one of thebranches. just kind of urn your fingers down and it rips them right off. sprinkle it righton top, thyme smells so good. it is the kind of thing that you put on, it smells thanksgivingi think. it is the kind of stuff you put on turkey and stuff. so about a teaspoon or soof fresh thyme i like lots of herbs so i'm

green herbs for cooking

going to put on a little more. lovely, soall we are going to do i'm going to put it back in the oven. it is still at 375 and thistime it would probably take i'm thinking about 15 minutes ?cause the glass pan cooks thingsa little bit faster. so in 15 minutes dinner would be ready.


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