full sun herbs

hey there! i am daniel and in this video i am going showyou something a bit odd, i am not sure why, but... i am standing in route 2, on melemele island,inside the pokã©mon center here. and i was just talking to this guy in thecafã©, right over here... and he says: 'welcome

full sun herbs, to the pokã©mon center cafã©! the time in alola is now 4 o'clock. here in our cafã© space, we provide a momentof peace to our customers. oh, you've given your pokã©mon 13 pokã© beans.

pokã© beans make pokã©mon happy. i think i'll give you a present!' you obtained a rare candy. so... i guess if you're, just treat your pokã©mon... 'try giving your pokã©mon some pokã© beanswhen your island challenge gets rough. what can i get started for you today?' so i guess, if you just do the, the caringthing, let's see here, pokã©mon refresh. i think the pokã©mon beans are like thesethings, let's have a look here.

yo pichu! i think these are the pokã© beans so i shouldjust try to feed some of them...some pokã© beans and see if he'll give me another rarecandy. another one!? what? whoa...ok, i guess. that's how you get rare candies in pokã©monsun & moon. haha, nice, nice... that's nice. honestly this is crazy, why?

really? so i've been giving my pokã©mon 31 pokã© beansin total and he's given me 3 rare candies, so perhaps it's a rare candy for every 10pokã© beans? which is crazy? let's see here. 3 rare candies, whoa. that is consistent! nice! ok i guess that was it for this video, haha!

that was it for this video, i hope you foundthe answer to what you were looking for. if not, you have the following options : youcan check the description for details, have a look in the comments and see if there'sa solution to your problem there, or reach out to me! you can do so either by commenting on anyof my videos, hit me up on twitter @nirthpanter or to join our npc hq over at discord. i would like to give a special thanks to acloud called klaus for letting me use his remixes in my videos. be sure to check him out, he's a wonderfulartist and you will as always find links to

his work down below. if you'd like to see more of my content, youcan have a look at the playlist called 'my best videos - nirthpanter'.

full sun herbs

click on screen, or the 'i' icon in the upperright corner, or in the description! if my content has convinced you to join ourcommunity, the npcs, i hope you will enjoy your stay. with that said, i'll see you again sometimeand until then, be your very best.


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