different kinds of herbs and spices

hi. my name is carrie hunt and on behalf ofexpert village today i'm going to show you how to make palak moong. now that we haveour dal on the stove and simmering we're ready to turn to our spicy tomato butter. but thereare a few spices that i want to familiarize you with before we start. the first is corianderalso known as cilantro to those here in texas. it is an herb much like, it?s an herb muchlike parsley, and in fact it has the flavor

different kinds of herbs and spices, as parsley but kind of a citrus overtone.it?s really important that you buy this the day of or the day immediately before you cookbecause it goes bad in the fridge pretty quickly. the second thing is the cumin seed. cuminseeds are found often in mexican and thai and vietnamese cooking and they are the essentialingredient of chili powder. they're really

used for their distinctive aroma. and so we'regoing to fry them up really quick to keep their aroma in and so in the end when we addthe slow heat it'll really smell delicious.

different kinds of herbs and spices

and the final thing is a hot green chili pepper.i don't like spicy foods so i usually use one to one and a half and the recipe callsfor three. and i think that's still in the mild range but if you want go for it, putup to five or six. that's what a lot of indians i know do.


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