common herbs to grow

hi, i'm stan defreitas, "mr. green thumb".this happens to be the italian oregano. and it's one that you might wish to consider usingin your yard or garden. now it's a finer leaf plant than some of your oreganos, and it'sone of course that tends to be a little more prostrate, tends to be used in baskets, orsometimes larger containers, where it can kind of spill over the side of the far as drainage, make sure it has extra

common herbs to grow, pearlite, vermiculite, or sand, because itdoes need a good deal of drainage. that being said, you do want to water it probably everysecond or third day, if it's in a dry hot condition. remember of course that it alsoneeds near full sun for it to kind of leaf out and be as full as it can be. if you startputting it in partial shade it's going to

get very leggy. so remember, more sun it'llprobably do better. also of course as far

common herbs to grow

as fertilization, probably every 2 or 3 weekswith a good water soluble plant food, if you're using time released, probably just at thebeginning. probably likes a little bit more fertilizer than some of the other herbs. it'sone that you should have in your yard and garden, and one for your pallet. for on gardening,i'm stan defreitas, "mr. green thumb".


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