chinese spices list

sarah hauer: hi. i'm sarah hauer. sig hauer:and i'm sig hauer and we're professional practitioners of traditional chinese medicine. sarah hauer:we're here on behalf of expert village. sig hauer: and welcome to our video. we'll alsotalk about the different flavors of the herbs like sweet herbs. gou qi berries, for example,is a sweet herb. a sour herb, for example, would be the gua lou, the trichosanthes. thereare other categories like bitter; huang lian

chinese spices list, is a very bitter herb. so, the flavor of theherb is very important as well, and one herb doesn't necessarily have just one flavor.sometimes an herb can have five different flavors. and a perfect example of that, i'llpull one off the shelf here for you, is "wu wei zu" which literally means five-flavoredseed, and it has the five major flavors that

chinese spices list

we talk about in chinese herbs. so, the fiveflavors is sweet, salty, sour, bitter and pungent. and there's also a sixth flavor whichis neutral, bland but that's not considered part of this. but again this is called...sarah hauer: you keep moving your hand. sig hauer: this is called wu wei zu, literallymeans five-flavored seed.


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