best spices to grow

best way to store herbs and spices best way to store spices and seasonings how to store spices herbs seasonings hi it's alaskagranny if you like making your on seasoning mixes then youneed to look for these little tiny

best spices to grow, canning jars they hold about six tablespoons of spices each and they have a regular canningsize lid even have a little smooth surface surface here where you can place yourlabel then you can make mix any seasoning combinations that youwant and label them yourself then you

don't have to worry about spending extra money on premixed spice recipes or measuring out all the little spoonfuls while you're cooking you can see i have italian seasoningbuffalo chicken taco seasoning and i just mixed cajun seasoning and the beauty of it is you can still fit your canning funnel in the jar you can pour all your seasoning mix downin there no worry about messes

add the lid and shake it and put it away with your spices and youhave it premix for the next time want to use a seasoning or spice mix when you buy pepper grinder dispensers refill them don't throw them awayrinse them out because you can unscrew them fill them up with something else andscale it back on and you can still use them again

best spices to grow

i also save all these little empty spice containers

for putting little bit of spices and they fit my cabinet put the big ones away try tiny canning jars to keep your spices andseasoning mixes organized in your pantry learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel


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