best herbs to grow

hi i'm tricia, an organic gardener i groworganically for a healthy and safe food supply. fora clean and sustainable environment. for an enjoyable and rewardingexperience. basil is a wonderful herb that is adelicious part of both asian and western cuisine. i'll show youhow to grow great basil.

best herbs to grow, basil is a relative of mint althoughmint is a perennial basil is a warm weather annual and easyto grow from seed. there are many types of basil such asthai basil noted for its unique flavor, purple opal basil that boasts glossy magentafoliage

and lavender flowers, and spicy globe basil that grows in a compact mound and that's just to name a few. basilgrows best in six to eight hours of sun and it tolerates a wide range of ph fromfive to seven but its absolute favorite is six point four. if you want to start your basil indoorsdo it about six to eight weeks before the last frost. for more information about seedling carecheck out our video on caring for your seedlings. basil canalso be direct sown after the last frost sow the seed evenly a seeder can help alot dealing with the small basil seeds

cover the basil seeds with aboutone-quarter inch of soil or compost keep the bed moist while the seeds aregerminating and don't worry if you have a low germination rate, that's kind of normalfor basil. keep the area weed free. you can tell thebasil seedlings from the weeds by the basil'sdistinctive d-shaped leaves born opposite to one another. add a loose straw mulch your basil plants.basil likes even moisture don't over water or itwon't taste good,

but under watering can stunt the growth.use drip or hand water the plants at the base,basil plants do not like overhead water. harvest your basil as needed start bypinching off the fresh young leaves. if you want to take a wholestem just cut it back to two leaves and thatway your basil plant will continue to get bushy. pinch out the flower stalks as soon asyou see them unless you want the flowers for yoursalads or if you're growing an ornamental basil

like purple opal. leaving the flowers will make the plant a little bit woodyand that will affect the flavor make a little bit a bitter leaf. basil isan annual so it will eventually flower and die so youcan't stave off the flowers and seed heads forever. as soon as you pick or cut your basilput it in a vase of water to keep it fresh then you can preserveit by either freezing it or drying it. to dry it hang it upside downin small bunches leave it for a week like this in a warmdry well-ventilated room.

freezing basil is another greatpreservation method and frozen basil taste more like freezing method is to chop up the basil and then add alittle bit of water and put it into your ice cube trays you canalso put small quantities of fresh basil in plastic bags and then store them inthe freezer. you can also freeze basil in oil just chop up about a quarter of a cup of basil and add two teaspoons of olive oil. drop spoonfuls on a cookiesheet covered with wax paper and freeze once this mixtures frozen you can putthe spoon fulls

best herbs to grow

into a bag for easier storage. use frozenbasil within one year. grow some organic basil, mmm, and grow organic for life!


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